Sun Aug 15 2021


Fermenting Data at Den Grænseløse Festival 2021

Fermenting Data at Den Grænseløse Festival 2021 is a workshop and a gathering exploring data and fermentation while bringing together nature, (agri)culture and technology into a curious composition. Bring your jars and mobile phones as we will work with our modest friend cabbage as a canvas to start our ferments. We will share and exchange fermenting stories and recipes, and make kin with microbes, vegetables and other plant matter while speculating on living as people, data and others who care.

The workshop is organised into four installments:

Friday 20 August 19.00-20.00 hello world / data [harvest) rituals (burning thyme and data experiences sharing)

Saturday 21 August 10.30 -12.00 collecting and chopping, putting things in jars (preparing data and preserving practices ) 16.30-18.00 DIY microscope making and collecting and sharing data

Sunday 22 August 10.30 - 11.30 Farewell data (take your data, share your data, take your ferment, share your ferment).

To see more data from this event head to Data Folder

Tags: blog, exhibition, research