Fermenting Data: sharing food, sharing data

Sat Oct 31 2020: What does it mean to share? And how sharing food and data are similar/different?

Fermenting Data: categorising taste and colour

Wed Oct 07 2020: We collected sensations and recorded them on index cards. To categorise is to give a name by arranging relations, which also involve making connections that are linked to the subject.

Fermenting Data: collecting and chopping

Sat Sep 26 2020: Fermenting Data: collecting and chopping is the first of three workshops when we investigate fermentation and data together.

Invitation to Ferment Data [3 workshops in Aarhus]

Wed Sep 16 2020: Fermenting Data is a programme of three workshops that follow fermenting process. During the workshops we ferment seasonal veggies from Sigrids Garden in Gellerup, and explore data practices.

Introducing Fermenting Data at PCD in Aarhus

Fri Feb 21 2020: In February I introduced Fermenting Data project during Processing Community Day which took place in DOKK1 in Aarhus. I was invited by the code&share community to talk about this curatorial research project.

Corrupting Data

Tue Feb 04 2020: Data is a material with which artists have been working for some time. Few years ago I curated an exhibition entitled Corrupting Data where I curated five different works by five different artists. I was especially interested in how artists make use of data, how they manipulate and process data, and how these different artists employ failure and error to make work with data.

Why to Ferment Data?

Sat Feb 01 2020: The invitation to ferment data is an invitation to play with data. It is an invitation to discover and invent data processing through practice of fermentation. Fermenting data is a practice of sensing and sense making and as such it is a practice of aesthetics, knowledge and sociality with each other humans and nonhumans, as makers and processors of data.