Sat Jan 29 2022


Calculation Otherwise

transmediale symposium panel, titled Calculation Otherwise, presented different techniques of knowing engaged in data collection and the classification of information showing how calculation can be reimagined, exploring values beyond number and measure to facilitate new, more careful scales. Fermenting Data was one of the projects along the work of Mary Maggic GENITAL( * )PANIC which is a response to the policing of non-normative bodies in the midst of rising environmental toxicity; Samir Bhowmik's talk on the subjects of extractivism and terraforming as construction of subjectivities; and Timothée Parrique talked about degrowth and simulation by GDP, an indicator of economic activity contained in a single number.

transmediale 2021-2022 was dedicated to refusal and the festival's symposium asked What possibilities can refusal open up?" and What limitations does it impose? As crises across economic and environmental spheres produce contradictions and gaps, what role might refusal play in negotiating and opening up new values of calculation and computation? Reflecting on the frictions that emerge between practices of refusal, This is Not Anarchy, This is Chaos was a two-day binge-watch of talks, lectures, and films featuring artists, theorists, and activists whose works refuse the seduction and desire of technological promises and logic.

For full documentation of the symposium visit This is Not Anarchy, This is Chaos

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