Tue May 31 2022


Tech-Meets-Biology Curators Roundtable

The Tech-Meets-Biology curators roundtable was part of the Digital Innovation Season organised by Central Saint Martins' and Living Systems Lab. Curators of exhibitions and events at the intersection of art, technology and biology were invited to present some selected artworks, and address the curatorial questions relating to biodigital interfaces and narratives, the care of living systems, the relationship between the gallery, the lab, and the field, or the role of art and design in science fiction. They were also invited to explore the various ethical and philosophical questions that emerge in the complex interrelationships between biology and digital technologies. Art Laboratory Berlin curators talked about their current exhibition ‘Hackers, Makers, Thinkers’, ‘DIWO’ (Do-It-With-Others) methods and hacking practices. Magda Tyzlik-Carver, one of the curator of ‘Fermenting Data’ presented her research on the digitalisation and microbial processes and speculative approaches to posthuman creations. Curator of 'Machine Wilderness' talked about this residency programme combining art and tech, including field experiments at the zoo..

Visit Digital Innovation Season 2022 for full documenation of all events.

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