Sat Oct 31 2020


Fermenting Data: sharing food, sharing data

[Workshop 3] Fermenting Data: sharing food, sharing data
31 October 12.00 – 17.00
Andromeda Gudrunsvej 78, 8220 Brabrand

What are conditions for data sharing and who decides about them? During this fermenting data meeting we shared our ferments and we ate some and some were used to create maps and diagrams, abstract shapes and coloured figures. How we connect and spread, how we share and exchange with each other, giving attention to others in the process.

We established networked connection between our computers and exchanged files and data gathered since our first meeting when we started cultivating microbs in jars. Data are now on the server and in our computers. We have not made any decisions about how to share this public data beyond dumping them onto the server. There is no agreement between us. Data are open/vulnerable to all using them as they want.

This raises a number of questions:

  1. is this a problem that there are no terms and conditions for use of our data?
  2. do we need terms and conditions?
  3. who is trusted and what is entrusted in this process of donating data to the server?
  4. what is left unquestioned?
  5. do we feel ok about this current situation?

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