Wed Sep 01 2021


Fermenting Data: Aarhus 8000-8220

Fermenting Data: Aarhus 8000-8220

The exhibition Fermenting Data: Aarhus 8000-8220 opens on 17 September until 16 October in two locations across the city of Aarhus: in the West @ Andromeda 8220 and in the East off site @ Spanien19C gallery.

Starting with the question “what if data could be fermented?” we speculate on how such practice of data fermenting would look like, how it would smell, sound and taste. Taking inspiration from microbes and their symbiotic processes we imagine and create different ways of living with data.

In the exhibition we show that data are affective, tell stories, and that they are always in relation to the world. In Fermenting Data artists and others explore and mould these relations, creating meanings and experiences with the city, its people, data, and microbes.

Visit the exhibits and join many of the events planned.

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